Olea – Kempinski Hotel Mall of Emirates

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Zomato Blogger Conference was held last month attended by a huge number of Foodies , active Zomato Bloggers/members and many Guest speakers who were part of the panel discussion ,panelists also included Country manager of Zomato Viraj Sawant.
Discussion was truly useful at the conference featuring tips and tricks for growing your Blog following, creating a great photography. Experts shared how to be a perfect Blogger and to use your blog as a platform to launch your business etc.

Bloggers enjoyed great tea breaks in between and in the end experienced a delightful Levantine dinner at the new restaurant Olea at the second floor of Mall of Emirates.
Olea is a contemporary Arabic restaurant with its extensive menu, serving the best levant styled dishes. Bloggers had a fabulous time in the comfortable ambiance of Olea. Traditional styles & setting welcomes you with the much sizeable restaurant, color scheme is soft and subtle. Organized seating with pastel color sofas as well as comfortable chairs. Small wooden carts displayed at the entrance full of fresh shiny olives evoke the hunger.

Separate station set for the salads which has a range of hot & cold Arabic mezze to fresh salads.
At one end of the longitudinal extensive restaurant, the main dishes are served where live stations are also ready at your service.
Soups to start with and followed by the most impressive grill section which has the very special laham full goat meat being grilled ( mandi style) , Ouzi the very famous dish in Arabic menu consists of rice and generous amount of big meat pieces.
Mixed grill station of chicken , lamb and falafel stations have always been my favorite .Out of those many dishes with all its grace and taste we could only try a few. Samkeh Harra, lamb nakanek, Masaf Bil Lahmeh, palestenian musakhan, chicken Magloba are some of the dishes out of those many.
Each dish was perfectly done full of flavors. While having such a meaty rich food the tangy tamarind water gives immense pleasure which is being served at your spot.

Another treasure hidden in a corner is all about Arabic sweets, The duo-color fountain of chocolate and strawberry , served with your choice of cupcakes fresh fruits . The special mouthwatering all time favorite Kunafa with all its grace and sumptuous cheesy layers is displayed in a large dish, Different baklawas, basbousa & fresh fruits. Kunafa was so mouth melting and perfect.
I would definitely recommend to plan a visit with such an extensive menu both veg & non veg , and great atmosphere. Thanks to Zomato and Olea.

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