Anisha Misra Launches Inaugural Collection ‘Antiquity Revived’

Anisha Misra, a young budding UAE based fashion designer, showcased the spring/summer collection of her newly launched label – Anisha Misra. The launch of her inaugural collection was held at the Sass Café, Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC).

The venue and collection mesmerized the audience. Each and every piece captivated the attention of fashion lovers. The decency , style and elegance was all covered in the collection. Moreover the presentation by the models doubled the grace. The enchanting ambiance at Sass Café with the beautiful staircase and the  extensive dining lobby with the models showcasing dresses created a magical atmosphere. Guests enjoyed the show with delightful treats from Sass Café. The proud designer mingled with the guests.

Anisha Misra’s 2016 spring/summer collection ‘Antiquity Revived’ has been inspired by the enigmatic elegance and grandeur of royalty, antiques, and historical textiles. Merging her inspiration with the design philosophy of her label to create weightless yet rich and elegant looking pieces, Anisha Misra has come up with a collection that consists of pieces that are regal yet light, easy to carry and pleasing to the eye.

Speaking about the fashion show and the launch of her label, Anisha Misra, the designer behind the brand said: “I am very pleased with the turnout. Everyone loved the concept of the fashion show and a lot of people are showing interest in the designs. When it came to conceptualizing the fashion show, I wanted to do something different rather than the usual staged catwalk. I wanted the models to breeze through the venue effortlessly highlighting the easy wearability of the outfits. Also, I wanted the venue to reflect grandeur based on the theme and the setting of my first collection. I am glad people have enjoyed the show. In terms of designs, people are liking that the collection consists of dreamy pieces that flow and flutter, rather than over-embellished pieces that are usually painful to wear.”

When asked about her her future plans, Anisha further elaborated: “I want to establish Anisha Misra Designs as the go-to brand for high-fashion, classy, unique and wearable pieces. I aim to make my line available to buyers by meeting them on a one-on-one basis as well as by building partnerships with selected unique local boutiques.”

For the constantly fast changing world of fashion today, Anisha Misra’s collection consisted of a selection of versatile pieces mixed with classics keeping in mind the inherent style of the modern day empress. The debut collection consisted of 19 brilliantly fashioned and unique pieces that included crop tops, gowns, jumpsuit dresses and skirts which can be paired differently, offering women contemporary elegant options.

Rich in texture and shine accomplished by using fabrics such as silk and acetate chiffon, Chantilly lace, silk satins and tulle; Anisha Misra’s collection has been fashioned in colors such as gold, ruby, grey-lilac, aqua blue and antique silver with delicate embellished detailing.

   Anisha Misra

The Anisha Misra label, is a UAE-based womenswear brand conceptualized by fashion aficionado Anisha Misra.

Named after the designer behind the brand, Anisha Misra’s design philosophy is to offer women outfits characterized by fine fabrics, and sophisticated silhouettes that are light, flattering and weightless so that they do not weigh down the person adorning the outfit.

Elegantly mixing nostalgia with modern design elements, every piece under the brand is thoughtfully conceptualized and framed by constants such as: careful construction, flattering cuts, and use of fabrics from around the world that are unique, light, and created using new weaves.

Keeping in line with fashion trends, the label aims to offer rich, classy and edgy outfits to those to want to stand out in a crowd. A label that delivers elegant style with maximum comfort, Anisha Misra’s designs are for women looking for feminine styles that are luxurious, regal, sensual, classic and yet easily wearable.


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