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I had the chance to try Kulcha King JLT , when I was invited by them at a special Baisakhi Thali preview to celebrate the occasion of Baisakhi. Baisakhi is one of the major festivals of Sikhs and is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm in the state of Punjab in India. For the farmers , Baisakhi festival marks the time for harvest of rabi crops which they celebrate with full fervor with their traditional dance performances like Bhangra with special Drum ( dhol) beats . In India this occasion also has its religious significance. Women and men dress up in colorful attires & a very joyous mood. So when you are in total festive mood how can the food be left behind……
I had heard much of the Thalis , this was my first time to try a special Baisakhi Thali.
Previously I have tried couple of Kulcha King branches on Sheikh Zayed Road & Barsha Flora Hotel branch. I experienced good variety of Indian food both veg & non veg.
JLT branch is conveniently located in O cluster, enough parking is also available. We went at lunch time, it attracted a good crowd. They had created a festive & village atmosphere, a bright colored decorated model truck , cute small kites pasted on the pillars, as part of their wall decorations and hangings they used dholak and bangles which looked so pleasing , specially if you belong from Punjab and know the sweetness of Punjabi culture, then you will truly enjoy the ambience. Additionally old & new Indian tunes kept entertaining us.
We were taken care of by Sudip , we had a good time under his guidance and information on desi food.
We were offered drinks and my favorite dahi batata puri , jaljeera & mint drink upon my request as I tried this in Barsha branch and became a fan of it specially jaljeera with hints of cumin , so refreshing one!
In starters they served us Murgh Tikka and Aloo Angaraa, aloo Angaraa was new for us, such a beautiful presentation true angaraa colors and neatly cut roundels of potatoes which were richly stuffed. I deeply observed the dish to try it out by myself at home but no guarantee of such amazing taste. The juicy Murgh tikka carried its special flavors too , was so soft and perfect in spices.
Finally the main part which we were waiting for …. The special Thali, more than what I was expecting, size wise as well as variety. Me and hubby were served a different Thali each but with saag , curry pakora and rotis in common , quite interesting to have variety in front of you to enjoy a new flavor in every next bite. In my Thali I had saag , curry pakora, paneer gravy, saffron rice and Maki ki roti & missi roti (besan) ki roti. The other Thali was different with daal makhani & vegetable rice instead of paneer curry and saffron rice. But together we tasted all of it. Makki ki roti is made of corn flour and is a good & old combination with saag.
What we had not eaten from last many years was the precious saag & makki ki roti, so without sharing we ate all. Saag had its original saag flavor. We could only took few bites from each item , vegetable rice was very tasty . In my thali I combined saffron rice with the mango chutney and enjoyed the double flavors.
The special thali of chuttneys came to our table , what an exciting range in pickles and chuttneys , obviously not possible to try all, but the colors and variety is really impressive. Dal makhani was good to go with besani roti. Buttery Curry pakora gave much pleasure by eating with a spoon. The very velvety paneer curry with perfectly done gravy.
The food was not spicy at all, but you can add spices from the range of their pickles. This was our post lunch feeling , even after eating a lot we felt light , simply fell in love with this home styled mild vegetarian food .When I heard they are going to serve us badam ki kheer which is a part of this Thali , I thought of a kheer cooked with almond powder, actually it was that authentic slow cooked kheer heavily garnished with sliced almonds, very delicious. This is what we had in dessert, but this was not the end, pista phirni enlightened our taste buds, pale colored mouthwatering richly cooked in milk was a big hit. They have much more on their dessert menu like rabri, gulab jamuns, dal halwa etc but we had the best of their menu. Special thanks Kulcha King team for inviting us, I would recommend this amazing vegetarian Thali to my Pakistani non-veg foodie friends.



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