Sharjah Food Festival 2016 #SFF16

Like every year Sharjah sees another successful  edition of its very famous  Sharjah Food Festival.  The 10th edition of Sharjah Food Festival launched under the slogan ‘Many Flavors One Festival’. The festival took place from March 31st to April 9th in four main destinations of Sharjah : Al Qasba, Al Majaz Waterfront, Al Montazah  and Heart of Sharjah.

Other than food, the event featured many  programs for kids which not only entertained kids but equally amused their families e.g jugglers, dancers singers etc. It attracted a huge crowd of foodies and the audience who enjoyed live cooking demonstrations by many famous celebrity and regional chefs.

Zomato being the festival partners, invited me to visit all locations  across Sharjah where the  Festival had spread . We had a wonderful time tasting food from different outlets , enjoying cooking demos, watching performers  and surprised by the beautiful Indian melodies spreading in the atmosphere of Al Montazah.

We spent two evenings at Sharjah festival starting from Thursday at Al Majaz waterfront, the pleasant weather combined with smell of food and white tents arranged in an organized way was so appealing . On one side stage was all ready for the chef’s presentations. Families started pouring in ….

Cali Burger

The very friendly staff at Cali Burger served their Beef Burger with cheese and salad in it. It was such a sumptuous meal together with  cheese fries , fries were richly covered with cheese and a dip too yummy! They have their two outlets in Dubai.

Burger & Burger

After having sharing half beef burger with hubby  from Cali Burger, my beef craving took me to Burger &  Burger where I asked them for their B&B Special…. It was again a big & richly prepared burger with Wagyu beef, mature cheddar cheese , lettuce , pickles, veal bacon and their special sauce. So tantalizing!  But this was not all, they generously  served us cheese stuffed jalapenos along making it a complete meal. Stuffed jalapenos were truly flavorsome. They have their outlet in Sharjah.

Beryl International.

Staff at Beryl international were throughout  busy as it attracted many visitors including kids. Their mini  pancakes with Nutella and cream cheese topping were fast selling. Pop corns and slush were famous among kids. Staff served us heavily coated Nutella pancakes.


Another yummy Arabic food outlet was Mutabel. Their stuffed mixed mahashi and Koshari were quite popular during the festival. Staff at Mutabel  generously served us their food. Although  my taste for Koshari & Mahashi  is not much developed, but I enjoyed the food during  festive atmosphere at Al Majaz.

Kono Pizza

The focus of attention standing right in front  was the bright red Kono Pizza Food Truck. All time busy with a long queue of Pizza lovers. My turn came , after placing the order I was given the token number which was quite late for my turn. The pizza moulded in a cone shape and filled with pepperoni was so delightful. It is easier to carry meal like this , eating pizza in a sandwich style! We enjoyed it.


The mini stall at Saralicious  had  an abundant variety of different sweets, chocolate desserts , mini cinabons, chocolate filled syringes, attractive candies, lolipops, mini dessert cups etc other than the desserts I also saw stuffed vine leaves at their stall. They generously offered  us boxes of their sweets, the best one was mini chocolate truffles. I came to know their outlet is in Ajman, we are in the same emirates.  I will visit  them, as they are also serving coffee at their outlet. What a pleasure it will be to have so many varieties of sweets with a cup of coffee.

Burger Joint

On my second day I went to Burger Joint. The very famous Burger Joint gleamed with  a ‘shop like’  attractive stall , its cheerful staff,  big menu display, and with a neon sign at the top made it distinctive from others. They offered me to try their  South West Chicken Burger which was very succulent  with lettuce, tomato, pickles, veal bacon, Bbq mayo, cheese & coleslaw.

What I enjoyed the most  is their Brownie vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup beautifully presented.


Boom Burger

Boom Burger are serving in Global Village. We also got to try their burger meal which was very good.

Kebda Time

While stopping by at each stall , we came across Kebda Time, not referred  by Zomato , but owner of Kebda Time invited me to come to their stall and try their wraps, the expert guys were so busy preparing minced chicken & their specialty chicken liver wraps . A big  griddle type ( tawa) was heated and orders were getting ready one after the other the smell and smoke of the meat was so  enticing it gathered many customers. After long wait my wrap was ready which I would say  extremely  good in taste, might be because the spices used in it were somewhat like Pakistani style.  Chicken meat prepared and chopped in front of us on the big griddle and mixed with bell peppers and seasoned . It is a must try at Global Village.

Al Qasbah

Bosnian Kebab

The stall with  a distinction at Al Qasba was Bosnian Kebab. We did not have to search much in the vast Qasba area. The very attractive lady in her typical attire greeting everyone at her stall was seen , she was the owner of the stall, they run their outlet in Global Village. Beautiful big brass round dishes  used as table tops with cute red stools with wood carved base.  Such a fascinating  & traditional setup was done.  And above all was the beautiful views of Qasba.

Their serving for one was more than enough , pretty good for two , mini seekh kebabs filled in big Khubus bread topped with sour cream, and  sauce, so mouth watering & tasty as well. They  serve laban in drinks , I would say good idea to help digestion after this heavy but delicious meal.


Doner & Gyros

The active staff at Doner & Gyros did not waste a minute in preparation of their Classic Berlin Doner. This time I specially requested to fill in chicken and not the beef. They actually have an option to fill the special sandwich with either chicken, beef or both. With many outlets in Dubai and AbuDhabi , Doner & Gyros serve their best wraps of chicken and beef. Shawarma stations at the stall were neat and clean.

Al Montazah

This was my first time I visited Al Montazah.  Lush green big grounds, so inviting atmosphere. There was so much to explore in the park, but I couldn’t spare myself from the yumminess of food stalls. Not only the  food . The crowd was mesmerized by the beautifully sung Indian songs by the guy who was taking song requests from the audience. The whole ambiance was so interestingly done with wooden benches and tables placed in a round ,freshness of  green grass , surrounded by food stalls and in the middle was the guy singing beautifully.

Yummy Grills

Yummy grills is  home cooking concept but so professional. I had their chicken nuggets and Burger . Serving burger was their own choice I only asked for nuggets. It was a neat stall with trained staff. Soon after the order was placed, the meal was served with a nice presentation.

Hilton Hotel Sharjah

Last but not the least Hilton Hotel stall attracted many customers by spreading their BBQ smell & smoke in the air. Every one followed the irresistible  barbeque smell and this made  Hilton Hotel stall most fast selling  at the venue. Their chicken, beef  & kebabs were all up to their Hotel standards. Had good food & time spent with the very welcoming and cheerful Hilton team. Thanks!

A special thanks to  Zomato for arranging a big feast for us . I had the best time stuffed with food & having a lot of fun during these two days visiting different places at Sharjah Food Festival. If you missed the event this year, must keep an eye on next year’s dates. Follow Sharjah Food Festival on Instagram Twitter and facebook. And for these many stalls , go to Zomato website to check food reviews & online Zomato orders.

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