Shahi Paratha Roll Restaurant – Dubai

Dubai has a new addition of street style food. Shahi Paratha Roll Restaurant is a desi street food concept restaurant, specializing in BBQ Paratha Roll (Kati Roll) and Bun Kabab.
If you fancy eating food with all its flavors well immersed and defining its true Pakistani/ Indian taste in the recipes, then head over to the newly opened petite restaurant Shahi Paratha Roll situated in International City Dubai, Greece Cluster, Building L-15.

As its name says , it does not only serve paratha rolls but their menu is quite far and beyond ranging from Indian & Pakistani to New York inspired rice dish with a serving of sauce is a must try , according to the very hospitable and pleasant natured owner Mr. Amir who is a Pakistani , this rice dish has been his favorite from States.
We were invited last week , a very warm welcome was given to us by the restaurant owner & the entire staff & chef. Restaurant interior is quite welcoming with bright red comfy sofas , mini plants on the wall shelves and LED to keep you busy while your order is getting ready.
But the service is quite efficient, as we were introducing ourselves Chana papri chat was served to us, full of real crunch, spicy mint chutney combined with yogurt and as you drench the spoon down there is much more in the layers…. too good , I can still feel the zesty chaat in my mouth.
In starter we had variety of chicken wings … soy wings and buttermilk wings, so flavorful chicken with its true juiciness and softness from inside. Both were served with a different dip great to go with each. Buttermilk wings were coated and fried but I did not find any hint of extra oil dripping from the wings which sounds too healthy to eat.
Soon the mains started pouring in one after the other, Shahi Paratha restaurant generously served too much on the table which was not possible for us to eat all of it of course. But the looks of each and every dish was so tempting and inviting , we ate alot . We started with the Burgers ( Bun Kebabs) , out of those many on their menu we tried Shami Bun Kebab & Kache Ghost Ke Bun Kebab which was mutton. Shami Bun kebab reminded me of my childhood , when we use to devour those shami Bun Kebabs, the soft street style Bun kebabs were richly stuffed with meat , seasonings and salad. We also kept enjoying the blissful sweet lassi and Mint lemonade.
A big hit on the menu is their different types of chuttneys, suits the taste of everyone varying from , sweet & sour , tangy , spicy and extra hot, we tried each one with those very special Paratha Rolls , which I was eagerly waiting for….. I profoundly ordered my choice of Beef Bihari boti, seekh Kebab and Chicken Malai boti rolls. I highly recommend to go for these rolls, truly amazing in taste ! Bihari boti & Malai boti are a must try ! Not only this they also have children’s menu , Mixed grill and a lot more to try.
The wrapping up of this amazing food filled evening was with the special delectable Kheer in clay pots ( thutis) which again reminded me of back home, when we used to set those kheer/ phirnis overnight in thutis to relish on festive occasions. So if you are missing back home or just to have a true Pakistani Food indulgence then plan a visit with family or with friends.
After having filled up so much we had our green tea. They also have outdoor seating. And most importantly home delivery service is also available. A big thank you for the warm hospitality, comfortable friendly ambiance along with great food.


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