Seattle’s Best Coffee Opens New Outlet at Dubai’s Business Central Towers

Seattle’s Best Coffee opened its new outlet in Business Central Tower A in Dubai. As the name says, not only it serves the best coffee, but much more than a cup of coffee. If you are in a mood of healthy breakfast/ lunch with multiple  options , head down to Business Central Towers  where Seattle’s has opened its outlet all laced with  a wide variety in their menu ranging from breakfast to lunch and snacks . Since their opening was in morning hours, it was ideal to try out from a selection of breakfast menu  & some wraps etc.

Event started with the ribbon cutting ceremony by the honorable Chief guests.

We were given a very warm welcome by their lovely lady staff , we were told to start with our choice of hot or cold drinks, my daughter ordered  her favorite iced chocolate to start with……

It took me long to go through the variety of their displayed items which were all so tempting …. Finally we ordered our wraps which were chicken fajita and shish tawook wraps. Both were richly filled with chicken and was perfectly done with all its accurate flavors . However, being in love with a bit spicy food I will give more votes to shish tawook, it was not spicy but defined differently as compared to the simple grilled fajita chicken wrap.

Again it was hard to select a cup of dessert out of those many which were displayed ,  Strawberry cheese cake, mixed berries, caramel banana delight, Nutella Cheesecake, berries & Tiramisu cream and Breakfast Parfait. So finally we picked up  Nutella cheese cake and Breakfast parfait each.

Richly layered , fresh & creamy parfait is a must try from their menu , Nutella cheese cake was also good in taste, it sounded more like a soft creamy nutella dessert. Fresh juices were flown in throughout the event. Must mention is the mouth watering selection of those varied sandwiches  which we couldn’t try much as we were so filled up . selection of salads includes Oriental chicken Cashew salad, Quinoa Beet salad, Italian Chicken pasta salad, Chicken salad.

Nutella mini rolls were very soft & delicious just melting inside the mouth. Croissants were fresh , good to go with Seattle’s cup of coffee.

My experience was so good, I plan to try out their salads on my next visit and definitely the Breakfast Parfait again!

Another reason to visit them again will be their  bright red comfy sofas which are nicely  arranged around simple coffee tables , quite organized seating with a very well lit space with full length glass windows. So ideal for the working office staff  around Business Central towers  and equally for the residents of the area as well .


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