World class entertainment takes centre-stage at the Mother of the Nation Festival

From breath-taking stage spectacles to awe-inspiring performances along the boardwalk, the Mother of the Nation Festival is charged with an irresistible energy that has already entranced thousands of visitors.

With over 100 acts on display over the course of ten days, the Festival offers a wide variety of artistic performances including dance, music, and tremendous physical stunts.

Stage areas found throughout the festival grounds host thrilling displays of artistic mastery designed to dazzle and engage festivalgoers as they enjoy the pulse-pounding activities, educational exhibits, and appetising cuisine available along the capital’s Corniche beach.

The festival performances bring together both modern innovation and evocative traditional live entertainment. Many who attended on Sunday underwent the electrifying experience of witnessing the Arabic Orchestra perform live on the Souq zone’s main stage. Enthralling thousands, the orchestra guided listeners through the rich heritage of the Arab world using the medium of music.

For those seeking a more ambient atmosphere while socialising with family and friends, the Hadeera Lounge offers regular single-instrument acts such as talented harpist Lidia Stankulova, and premier handpan player Sherif Moghazy. A more interactive experience is provided for visitors on the Performance Stage in the Beach Dining zone, where listeners are actively encouraged to participate.

Navigating the Art, Active, and Conservation zones are skilled street performers such as the Harlequin-themed stilt walkers, juggler and mime-artist Jason Maverick, and the comical routines of Trundlehonk and Bureau of Silly Ideas. Each act channels the vibrant spirit of the Festival, celebrating culture in the form of family-friendly entertainment for all ages to enjoy. The full programmes of daily performances are detailed on the official  website.

Unforgettable moments with the astounding line-up of events have been captured by various social media channels by those visiting under the hashtag #MOTNFestival.

Held along 1.3 km of Abu Dhabi Corniche, the Mother of the Nation Festival consists of five distinctive zones:  the Souq Zone, Beach Dining Zone, Arts Zone, Active Zone, and the Conservation zone. Each zone provides an exhilarating experience of vivacious and interactive activities and performances for individuals and families alike.

Tickets are on sale for AED 20 for adults, AED 10 for children below 12 years, and free entrance for children below 5 years old. Proceeds from the festival will be donated to a charity chosen by the festival’s organising committee.

Shuttle buses are available to transport passengers along the festival site between the East Plaza on the Corniche and the dedicated parking at Nation Towers. Buses will make trips at 5-minute intervals, with five stops along the Corniche, and one additional stop at Marina Mall, shuttling passengers at 10 minute intervals.

About the Mother of the Nation Festival

 The Mother of the Nation Festival highlights the inspirational values of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak. It is organised by the Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority.

 Throughout multiple and diverse activity zones, the festival creates an entertaining and highly interactive atmosphere that welcomes families and individuals from all walks of life. Abu Dhabi invites the entire UAE community to enjoy a day out on the Corniche and participate in this unique event for all that celebrates the best aspects of contemporary culture within the UAE and its capital.

 The festival features five distinct areas: the Souq Zone, the Beach Dining Zone, the Active Zone, the Art Zone, and the Conservation Zone, as well as The Pavilion; all designed to offer entertaining and engaging activities for all family members. It promotes the importance of family coherence as well as nurturing cultural understanding amongst the UAE society.

The festival runs from 24th March to 2nd April, 2016 and opens its doors daily from 4:00 pm to midnight. Tickets must be purchased at the festival entrance for AED 20 per adult and AED 10 for children under 12, while children aged 5 and under are admitted for free. The proceeds from the festival will be donated to a charity chosen by the organising committee.


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