Palm Jumeirah Golden Mile Gets a New Dessert Café in Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar

Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar opens its 11th outlet in Golden Mile Palm Jumeirah. Golden Mile has many hidden food attractions in its Galleria Mall. Approaching Golden Mile is quick & easy , as soon as you enter Palm, Golden Mile exit takes you towards Galleria Mall where ample parking is available .
I have dined here in few of outlets, what attracts me the most is the location and their outdoor seating of almost every restaurant . If you fancy dining with a view then must visit Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar situated in Galleria Mall . A very well lit spacious restaurant with off white furniture . Its full length glass windows showing the outside views of Golden Mile, Palm trees & greenery throughout the walking track adds to the beauty of this outlet. With its soft color scheme and chocolicious menu , you can spent hours in the café.
When we were invited at the grand launch , it was cloudy with light drizzling , we preferred to sit outside enjoying the weather & view while sipping on the hot chocolate which was served to us.
I got to meet Alison Nelson founder of chocolate Bar and Wessam Eldin General manager Creme Dela Creme.
Alison explained not only they focus on chocolate menu , but keeping in mind the diversity of culture here in UAE , they have added dishes in their menu which are in huge demand, like meet sliders, sandwiches , salads, salads with steaks, pastas, chocolate desserts, coffees , juices, detailed breakfast items like omeletes, pancakes, eggs benedict etc and much more.
Alison herself is a fan of Arabic cuisine. What she liked most while opening this outlet in Palm island is the out door seating where people can sit and enjoy chocolate fondue and many other items from the menu while enjoying the view of Palm trees and island itself.

Staff generously served all varieties of sandwiches, sliders, croissants, each sandwich was richly prepared with all its flavors and delight.
Above all was the delectable chocolate fondue served with soft yummy brownies and mixed fruits.
Ice cream scoops with Chocolate truffle cake is another delicious combination in their menu.
A must visit place, ideal location , perfect for families and friends gatherings. Amazing outside view and excellent food served !


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