Mum Mum Gains Huge Popularity Amongst UAE Families

Innovative healthy fast food restaurant gains approval thanks to its nutritionist-approved menu

Sharjah, UAE: Innovative healthy fast food restaurant, Mum Mum, is preparing for a successful start to the new year. Since opening in Sharjah in 2012, Mum Mum has gained huge popularity amongst UAE families. Mum Mum has an array of flavourful meals specially created and prepared with important vitamins and nutrients. The restaurant is a one-of-a-kind concept, with a nutritionist-approved menu that boasts nut-free meals without any preservatives or additives.

As part of Mum Mum’s ambitious expansion strategy for 2016, they plan to open new outlets and offer catering to schools and nurseries throughout the UAE. They are currently in the process of opening a new fully equipped kitchen in Oryx British Nursery in Abu Dhabi, with a set menu which includes some of their most popular offerings, French toast with honey and fresh fruit salad, tomato basil pasta and scrambled egg sandwiches.

Mohammed Al Thaher, Head of Communications at Mum Mum, said, “At Mum Mum we believe that healthy nutrition for children should be something that is both delicious and fun. Through our appetizing home-cooked meals, we want to show our customers that it is not necessary to sacrifice taste in order to stay healthy.”

Mum Mum creates its dishes from ingredients in their rawest, freshest and most basic form, dicing their vegetables and blending their own sauces, marinades, dips and dressings. Mum Mum’s chefs craft, tweak and amend recipes to create delicious and healthy meals that keep kids and their parents coming back for more. Mum Mum also provides catering services to schools, hospitals and special events, and has its own in-house nutritionist on-hand to approve all meals. With over 10 years’ experience in the health industry, Ms. Snezana Vrtanoska is skilled at applying her expertise in health and wellbeing to assess the components of each meal and ensure their quality.

As a complement to its dedication and commitment to healthy lifestyles, the Mum Mum restaurant boasts its own range of activity centres, including a ‘bouncy room’ with an inflatable castle where children can work up a healthy appetite with fun physical exercise, an Eye Play set-up featuring interactive games to get children moving, and a 3D cinema that is perfect for relaxing and letting food digest after a delicious meal.

In addition, Mum Mum actively supports CSR initiatives in the region. Amongst these, the Mum Mum team supported breast cancer by hosting Pink Day, where free muffins were given to all walk-in customers. Mum Mum also donated AED 60,000 to Awladona Center along with buying its entire handmade cutlery selection in support of the cause. There is also an option for customers to make a donation at the Mum Mum restaurant to one of its various CSR causes including childhood cancer.

Mum Mum provides full amenities at its restaurant for private occasions, and its healthy, nutritious food can be delivered by ordering online or via their customized mobile app.

“Here at Mum Mum, we aim to keep every customer happy and satisfied,” Mohammad added. “Come and pay us a visit in-person, via our website or on our mobile app, and you are sure to find something to suit the tastes of everyone in the family.”

About Mum Mum

Mum Mum is an innovative fast food family restaurant established in Sharjah in 2012 with the concept that healthy nutrition for children should be both delicious and fun. Serving an array of meals specially created by professional chefs in-house alongside a qualified Nutritionist, each dish is packed with as much flavour as it is with important nutrients and vitamins. All Mum Mum’s offerings are nut-free and contain no preservatives or additives. Instead, each meal is hand-crafted, using only the freshest raw ingredients in its organic form. Mum Mum offers its young visitors a host of stimulating entertainment activities designed to engage and stimulate young minds. Mum Mum boasts its very own ‘bouncy room’ filled with an inflatable bouncy castle where children can work up a healthy appetite. A large play area is home to an Eye Play set-up, which projects interactive games onto the floor, while its 3D cinema provides comfortable seating for children as they enjoy a kids’ film. In addition, a jogging circuit known as the Mum Mum Run is designed to keep parents fit while enjoying the beachside view. Mum Mum offers nutrition consultation services and delivers wholesome ready-to-serve meals to schools and nurseries in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, in addition to providing fully personalized external catering for every type of children’s event, with its restaurant also available for private occasions.

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