Zaroob Restaurant – Al Majaz Water Front Sharjah Buhaira Corniche

Beautiful view of Al Majaz water front Buhairah cornice , pleasant weather  fresh ambiance and yummiest  levant street eatery. This is all about the newly opened  levant street eatery in Sharjah  ….Zaroob restaurant. If you really want to enjoy  Arabic/labenese  food with a lovely view  of Buhaira corniche Al Majaz water front….. this is one of those eateries, where you can enjoy your afternoon at brunch or an evening with family or friends.

I was invited  and  as usual I opted the table  with a view.

They have an organized seating suitable for both families and friends.

Outdoor sitting area is not very spacious but have  enough capacity indoor.

We were given a warm welcome by the staff,  while I was busy  trying to capture all those best  natural images of the corniche,  Fattoush  salad and hummus was served to us.  The serving was good enough for two persons, me and my daughter  enjoyed hummus with Arabic bread .

Our shawarma platter was quite rich and full of flavors  , although very tasty but a bit oily , if you are in a mood to say good bye to your diet for a day , then you can enjoy it fully…..  I did the same!  While we were still having our Shawarma  a small  bowl of pasta dish came to our table, it looked pasta topped with tomato sauce, as I moved my spoon inside  I found lentils, chickpeas and rice beneath pasta.

I was explained by the staff , it is an Egyptian dish which is a mix of rice, lentils, pasta, garlic, tomato sauce, chick peas and fried onions,  If I had not filled up my stomach with hummus bread and later on with shawarma, I would  have definitely tried & eaten up  this dish named  Koshari. But the item  itself is quite sumptuous with a lot of different layers. They have a good variety in their menu both veg & non veg.

A must mention item is the refreshing tamarind drink which was being served through out  our meals, the typical Turkish styled  golden vessel  carried by their staff  and he keeps serving it during your meals.

The drink was very refreshing and good for digestion.

Overall a good experience at Zaroob. Location is easy at corniche. Parking is available but since it was a weekend when  I went it was all packed so we had to park across the road in paid parking  area.



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