Galito’s – Business Bay

Galito’s opened its new outlet in Business Bay end of January. Located inside Bay Square along with many other food  outlets  Galito’s  serves the most palatable  grills and cuts of meat .  Galito’s  dining is always a healthy option mainly because of its flame grilled items .

I liked the food too much , you cannot  get our hands off from their dishes  specially the  most flavorful chicken satay and shrimps & chicken skewers .

We were invited at their opening . Our lovely  attendant guided us the best out of their menu. Although the whole menu is quite interesting & worth trying .We started with Garden Salad  , in starter we had Chicken Satay with Peri- nut Dip the amazing peanut dip. Chicken satay was really too good and juicy. The best chicken satay I have tried !  We also had those cheesy yummiest garlic breads with heavy cheese on it  Chik – e – naise.

The centre of attraction was the most impressive Combotada …… skewers of chicken and prawns , both me and my husband gobbled in no time. We enjoyed  much , it was accompanied with grilled veggies and white rice, the accompaniment can be changed according to your choice. If  you love grills, this combotada at Galito’s is a must try.

In dessert , sticky toffee pudding added great delight to our dinner. Combined with ice-cream the warm,soft  pudding was just perfect to go!  The Galito’s dinner experience was  great .

The restaurant has a beautiful interior with fabric  patterns and some where bricks on the walls, the rustic , red , warm color schemes  gives  a comfortable homely feeling. Seating arrangement is organized family and group sitting areas are also planned. Staff is so caring . Special thanks to Operations manager Vinoth Kumar and Chef Rakesh Pandey  for being amazing hosts and delectable food


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