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I always think that we need to learn more about a certain cuisine which we love to eat. We eat basic Italian food pasta, pizza, ravioli and yes a little more we know about it is its sauces ,pesto and some other ingredients etc But many of us still do not know the interesting details and history of Italian food . I got a chance for a very quality Italian dinner at JW Marriott Cucina Restaurant. I had an invitation from Cucina.
A very righteous move ‘’Cucina Ambassador Program’’ is an initiative by the Italian speciality Chef Mauro Pio Sanna. He delivered interesting information about Authentic Italian cuisine and its ingredients and their usage.
We were given a very warm welcome by the amazing host Chef Mauro and his entire staff. We enjoyed some very special Italian dishes with the addition of Truffles and amazing desserts in friendly atmosphere . At the same time Chef continued to describe each dish , its history and how they are grown in the region. The focus of our discussion through which we gained valuable information was about the most expensive and rare ingredient ‘’Truffle’’. Unlike the mushrooms the black and white Truffles are quite rare and as we all know this has made it a very expensive ingredient. Chef gave us a detailed and very interesting information which of course cannot be shared all here.
The food was extremely palatable . We started with breads & olive oil dip mixed with parmesan and vinegar. Starter was Mushroom savory tart with chick peas truffled cream. The cream had a wonderful taste to go with tarts, it was light creamy and flavorful.
Our Pasta included Mushroom stuffed Ravioli taleggio fondue garnished with black truffles. The presentation of dish was so lip-smacking , It didn’t take even minutes for me to gulp it all.
By the time main course came my stomach was so filled up. Main course was very soft and well cooked Barolo braised beef cheek, with forest mushrooms.
Mediterranean Pizza is another hit on their menu.
Above all the most versatile presentation was seen in their desserts. So impressive Panna cotta and Tiramissu. I never wanted to disturb the delicate presentation specially the cute edible chocolate spoon.
Both the desserts were as tasty as were seen from their look.
A superb dinner experience I must say…. Food & Beverage manager Mr. Hector Mendonca , Chef Mauro and the entire staff are amazing hosts.
JW Marriott branch is not much prominent with an attractive façade. But unlike outside , it has a wide lobby with a very impressive décor. A must visit place for its different lobby cafes and restaurants .
Cucina restaurant has a very calm and peaceful environment. Although not very spacious, but the sitting arrangement is organized. While you enter, you will see a very colorful salad bar, you have variety of salads to choose , where they have taken care of vegetarian and diabetics as well. The interior has wooden & antique touch and a bar on one side . They have first floor seating as well, perfect for family or group bookings.

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