Ajman City centre Food Court

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While in search of more food outlets nearest to my place , Ajman city centre food court became my focal point for blogging. I have kept in mind all those fast food outlets in this small food court, which I will definitely try and share my reviews one after the other. I have already shared my review of Pizza Hut express Ajman City centre.
Ajman food court is small but neat and very well organized in terms of seating which is an important factor when you plan to dine in the food court. But again the weekends are always packed. Magic planet inside the food court is a good attraction for kids .
Today I ordered Dinner meal from KFC , at first they fill up the plate with a very big chicken piece in the tray along with two normal sized pieces , on my request they changed that bigger one which I am sure must be dry and thick chicken meat from inside. I always tell them to replace the bigger pieces with small ones as those big pieces are always dry and without any flavor. Coleslaw was fresh , chicken was also good.

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