Kulcha King Sheikh Zayed Road

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After my yummy experience at Kulcha King Flora Hotel branch, again we planned for a dinner which is spicy, tandoori, desi, with Indian flavors & kulchas . I called Kulcha King Sheikh Zayed branch for a table booking, but they surprised me by saying they do not book tables , you can walk in and it is on first come first serve basis, I requested them if possible , just to avoid any inconvenience.The staff asked me the exact time of our arrival but he did not promise of a table booking.
The small restaurant hall was all packed when we arrived , we were able to get a small table which was the last one left to be occupied . Its size was quite small for a family of five to sit comfortably . Any how we adjusted ourselves, and after half an hour we got another free table which was joined with our table.
Our order came very late, the few people in the staff were continuously on their toes, our order came so late, I can’t say if it was because of the weekend or if their service is slow.
We found the table a bit stinky, as one of the staff cleaned it , but then upon our request the table was cleaned again .
We gave a rich meaty order to enjoy the first day of new year.
Our order was Murg malai tikka , Do Rukhi seekh Kebab, Murg handi , Murg Boti masala, Rogni meat and Amritsari Murg Biryani.
Pappar and green yogurt chutney was served complimentary before the meals.
All food was cooked with perfection , Malai Tikkas were soft, juicy and full of flavors , so were the kebabs. All gravy items were very delicious and excellent to go with hot tandoori Rotis and raita. Biryani was so rich and delicious it did not need any second item to be accompanied with it . Over all my rating for the food is very good. We brought our cake for one of our family celebration. So we did not order any dessert , but if I would have ordered it would have been rabri my favorite, they also have Gulab Jammuns , Dal halwa in their menu which I am sure must be very good.
As in our culture in India & Pakistan , as a habit or normally after our meals we munch on jaggery bites and saunf ( fennel seeds)which helps in digestion , you will find it on one side while you are leaving.
Restaurant hall is very small , outside of restaurant there is a small hall where arrangement has been done for breakfast buffet . Wifi is available. Staff is very courteous .

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