Al Mahara Burj Al Arab

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One of my most expensive and memorable dining experiences is of Al Mahara Burj Al Arab. What a beautiful setting under the Aquarium. Calm atmosphere, dine with a view of Aquarium where water creatures are busy in their world. Dark and dim restaurant setting and colors goes just in accordance to their Aquarium theme.
We had a complimentary dining for two. We were treated with extra care and attention by their well trained team /staff. They ensured from us whether we were allergic to any kind of sea food. Staff asked twice before serving any of the food items . They served us many things before our final order . I would say mini food souvenirs from the sea like caviar , certain pastes or combinations and mini servings made out of sea food etc whose names I honestly forgot …. So we tasted many starters before the main meal. Although small in quantity , I felt filled up with those mini tasters.
The main focus of attraction was our main dish , we took advise from the staff and I think he suggested us the best from the menu. It was a big platter of mixed sea food, and quite expensive one ! After that you don’t need to order anything separately . Actually It was the special dish being served in that particular week when we dined. But without being stuck up in the long and complicated list of menu it was a very good decision , we enjoyed our food with everything on our big sumptuous platter one for each of us, we could not even finish it all. Over all a very good and filling dining experience.
We did our sweet ending with a mixed serving of small dessert bites which were are all too delectable !

Burj Al Arab has a magnificent interior. Bright colors are used in furniture and flooring , Arabic styled décor. A very interesting setting !

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