Drama Queen Dubai Luxury Xmas Brunch at GQ Bar,JW Marquis

I was invited for a Christmas brunch event by Drama Queen Dubai at GQ Bar, JW Marquis Hotel . It was a lively event showcasing designer collection Amishi London Dubai, Amanda Navai, Boutique baker, House of Chikankari by Kanika Kapoor, Laykh, Nina Zandnia, Sharmela Puri and Uzoori.
The ingenious behind Chocolate Entertainment Aanya Aggarwal in collaboration with Official media partner Grazia Middle East hosted the event, exhibition captivates many guests and buyers.

The ambiance was filled with laughter, food, fun, festive mood and above all most trendy and modish ladies.
I also got to meet some amazing ladies like Karuna Chani celebrity makeup artist who had flown in for the event. She gave quick makeup tips & did makeovers at the event.
Met another creative person Eram of Sugar Rush who’s gorgeous cake and cupcakes were the centre of attraction.
JW Marquis hotel has a very impressive interior with contemporary touches and a little antique style somewhere. While passing through the beautiful and busy lobbys, then crossing a café/bar and a couple of turns at the back side you will find GQ bar with music, dim lights, drinks, food and festivity .
Interior is beautiful with a bar on one side and seating arrangement which is split in partitions.
Ideal for fashion and life style events. Staff is very efficient.
Their menu has a wide range of dishes , you will find a good variety in food. We were served mini beef burgers, chicken skewers, vegetable Risotto . Chicken biryani was also being served , but was not possible to try everything but I could still guess its amazing taste through its mouth watering look. Falafel and potato cutlets were also included in the menu. They had taken good care of both Veg and Non veg guests by serving a mix menu.

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