800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria – Me’aisem City Centre

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Today I visited another beautiful outlet of 800 degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria in Me’aisem City Centre.
Me’aisem City centre is not in a very familiar or commonly visited location . But it attracts people because it has a few branded shopping outlets as well as food attractions , out of those the main one is 800 Degree Neapolitan Pizzeria.
Earlier I have visited their outlet openings at Mall of Emirates and Deira City Centre. The taste , delicacy and style moved me to try their third outlet today.
Restaurant is kept quite neat , clean and inviting by the team work of their staff, this is what I noticed during my stay in the restaurant . Staff is very friendly , hardworking and busy bees putting all their efforts to keep it as clean as they could. Today they were in a festive mood wearing red caps to celebrate Christmas.
They guided us so well at the time of order. Our order was Margharita Pizza and Carni, in salads we ordered chopped salad which was a rich mix of fresh lettuce & other assorted vegetables , chick peas, chicken, sun dried tomatoes, jalapenos, oregano & olive oil vinaigrette. Margharita was extremely good , Carni was prepared on margharita base topped with pepperoni, meat balls, rosemary and Turkey. This combination is also a must try ! It was mild spicy , but we enjoyed it in our way by adding more layers of chilli flakes , and chilli sauce in oil which made it even more flavorful. Parmesan cheese, oregano, chilli flakes etc were served on table. Drinks can be refilled for free.
I also noticed a sweet addition in their menu and that was Nutella Pizza for AED 20…. small Neapolitan crust pizza topped with Nutella chocolate and fresh strawberries. Additional toppings like walnut will be charged another 5 Dhs. A very sweet idea of Nutella Pizza ! I think it’s a craziest offer for kids.
Our menu was so rich and filling , there was no room for a sweet bite.
Interior is very decent with brown wooden walls, floor has the same black and white tiles as in their other outlets. A homely touch is seen at one side, chilli sauce and oregano is arranged in shelves. Red chilli sauce bottles adds a beauty in décor.
They also have a small outside seating arrangement, Wifi and home delivery is also available.

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