One Dinner Three Destinations – TRE

One dinner at three destinations….. we experienced this exceptional and unique food journey at TRE .
We were taken to 50th floor at TRE lounge where we were mesmerized with the spectacular view of the glittering Dubai city . We selected our welcome drinks , I opted for TRE berry smash which was refreshing and tangy too. Yummy assortments and drinks kept flowing in throughout , which included tuna, chicken , tomato and other savory bites etc.
After being entertained , we ended up from Aperitivo and moved to 49th floor for La Cena .
The first image and impression on 49th at TRE was just remarkable , I cannot explain how impressive
candle light table arrangement was done. We were enthralled to be part of this amazing dinner night.
The charismatic atmosphere just seemed to be part of an imaginary / fairytale which was all set for the King and Queen to have dinner. But the amazing set up was for all the bloggers who were trying to capture those magical moments, It was all set for us ! So after having taken our seats we were served with the best of Italian food …… Our starters / salads/ mains were ….. 1) Polpo ( pan fried Octopus and potatoes). 2) Burrata ( cheese, fresh tomatoes, semi dried figs, balsamic cream). 3) Giardino Misto ( Lettuce, topinambur, beet root, fennel, pearls of citrus). 4) Margherita ( tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, basil leaves). 5) Pasta included : Anatra e pecora ( Pacchero pasta with traditional Tuscan duck ragout, pecorino senese). 5) Tortelli tartufo ( ricotta and spinach ravioli, white truffle sauce) 6) Risotto ‘Langhe’ ( Porcini mushroom risotto with Raschera cheese and truffle oil) Salmon steaks, Beef Steaks.
So these were dishes which we had it during our lavish dinner. Each and every thing was cooked to perfection pan fried octopus was too good , figs & balsamic cream gave an amazing touch in Burrata, Margherita was so filling with its true Italian taste, risotto and ravioli are a must try. Above all were the Salmon and Beef which were cooked just right and simply outstanding in taste. Breads and pesto sauce was also served on the table. The menu was so vast , they have lot more on their menu . The taste and ambiance was so indulging, the reason we felt so overeaten. But the food is quite balanced and light.
This was still not the end, after long chit chat, photographs and food, we were invited for our last destination at 51st floor for Digestivo and live Jazz music. Again the beautiful view of Sheikh Zayed Road, Live Jazz music and our colorful yummy Italian desserts added up great delight to this Italian night.
The cute colorful plate of dessert included: cannelloni chocolate mousse, gelati, pana cotta, strawberry compote, icecream etc.
See the images and surely you will be motivated to book a dinner at the wonderful TRE .

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